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Ljubljana Train & Bus Station Car Rental

If you are looking for a rental car in downtown Ljubljana area, you can choose from rental office near the main railroad station at Trdinova ulica 9. You can choose from different types of service: classic office rental, on request meet and greet, chauffeur & shuttle service, all depending on your specific needs or wishes.

The popular image of Ljubljana are the famous Ljubljana river banks with it’s culture of cafes, bars and great restaurants and the famous shape of Castle above the city skyline. Especially in the summer time, Ljubljanica river banks are filled with people and new festivities take place every day. Boats run along the river to enable different views of the city and musical and theatrical performers show their talents on streets of the old town.

Are you interested in where Ljubljana got its distinctive sign of the Dragon?
The choice of Dragon symbol is associated with the legend of the Argonauts and the ancient Greek hero Jason, who stole the Golden Fleece from king Aitesu. Legend has it that Jason and his companions fled on board the ship Argo, to run from their pursuers. Travelling across the Black Sea, the Danube and the Sava river, they eventually arrived to Ljubljanica river.
According to the legend, here, the Argonauts dismantled their ship and transferred it on land to reach the Adriatic Sea. At the source of Ljubljanica, they stopped at a large lake in the marshes, where a monster lived – the Ljubljana’s dragon. In the fight between Jason and the monster, Jason won. To symbolize power, courage and greatness, the fallen Ljubljana Dragon became a recognizable image of the city and it appears in Ljubljana’s city flag and coat of arms.

Ljubljana attractions
In Ljubljana, visitors can admire the well-preserved old town (former medieval walled town with town hall). Other attractions in the city are many palaces and churches. Ljubljana is adorned with more than 40 active wells (most notably Robba’s Fountain in front of the Town Hall). For a walk through nature, Ljubljana offers a large city park – Tivoli, that resembles once typical Habsburg city parks. Ljubljana’s Botanical Garden is located on the southern part of the city and has been operating since 1810. The garden has a collection of over 4,500 species and subspecies, of which one third are domestic plants and the rest are plants from various parts of Europe and other continents.

The roads in Ljubljana are in good condition and due to small size, it is easy to get around in the city. For tourist stops you can use several parking houses or payable public parking on city streets, with toll machines at every street corner.

Good to Know – Traffic Rules in Slovenia :
Children must be seated in a safety seat suitable for their age. Children over 12 years of age can wear an adult seat belt.
Children under 12 years are not allowed to travel in the front seats.
In winter time from 15.11. to 15.3. (and beyond these dates, during winter extreme weather conditions e.g. during snowfalls, etc.), private cars and vehicles up to 3.5 t must have winter equipment as follows:
– winter tyres on all four wheels or
– summer tyres on all four wheels + snow chains in car boot.
In both cases, the minimum tyre tread depth must be 3 mm.

There are no more border controls on border crossings with Austria, Italy and Hungary. Residents of countries within the Schengen area can stay in Slovenia with a passport or an identity card.

There is obligatory road fee for use of Slovenian highway system. All our rental cars are equipped with mandatory road fee sticker and winter tyres as and when necessary. Nevertheless this results in extra mandatory charges, payable at the rental desk at time of your pick-up. If you wish any additional car equipment, be sure to make a reservation at the time of your booking, or call our rental office.

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