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Koper Car Rental

Are you looking for ways to explore Slovenian coastline? One of best ways is via Rental car from our Koper office, that is situated on Vojkovo nabrežje 32, on the town side near Port of Koper.

Koper, with almost 24,000 inhabitants, is the largest city along Slovenian coast, the sixth largest city in Slovenia. The town is also known by the Italian name Capodistria and has a well recognized international commercial port – Port of Koper. The city has two official languages, Slovene and Italian language but almost everyone also speaks English, so you will have no problem getting around.

Around Koper
From Koper you can take the coastal road for 15 minutes to town Izola, a coastal fishing marvel with picturesque marina. Half an hour drive separates you from Koper to Piran and Portoroz.
For the 25 km distant Trieste, you need less than one hour drive from Koper, and from there another half hour drive to the famous palace Miramare in Trieste.
If you are interested in going to Croatia; Umag is just 30 km away from Koper, an approximately one hour journey, depending on the potential congestion at the border crossing.

Good to Know – Traffic Rules in Slovenia:
Children must be seated in a safety seat suitable for their age. Children over 12 years of age can wear an adult seat belt.
Children under 12 years are not allowed to travel in the front seats.
From 15.11. to 15.3. and beyond these dates, during winter weather conditions (e.g. during snowfalls, etc.) private cars and vehicles up to 3.5 t must have winter equipment as follows:
– winter tyres on all four wheels or
– summer tyres on all four wheels + snow chains in car boot.
In both cases, the minimum tyre tread depth must be 3 mm.

There are no more border controls on border crossings with Austria, Italy and Hungary. Residents of countries within the Schengen area can stay in Slovenia with a passport or an identity card.

There is obligatory road fee for use of Slovenian highway system. All our rental cars are equipped with mandatory road fee sticker and winter tyres as and when necessary. Nevertheless this results in extra mandatory charges, payable at the rental desk at time of your pick-up. If you wish any additional car equipment, be sure to make a reservation at the time of your booking, or call our rental office.

What to see in Koper
Major tourist attractions in Koper are many town palaces (Praetorian Palace, Palace Carli, palace Almerigogna, Belli, etc.), several squares (Titov trg, Prešernov trg, Ribji trg, Carpacciev trg, etc.). In Koper you can visit many churches and monasteries (eg. Cathedral of Mary’s Assumption at Titov trg). If you are looking for an overview of the city don’t forget to ascend the bell tower of Cathedral of Mary’s Assumption. Nevertheless, the tower has an entrance fee. Other historical attractions are: Da Ponte Fountain, Muda – the old city gates, City Lodge (which is now transformed into a modern town café), and Fontico – former granary.

If you are looking for museums, there is a Koper Regional Museum in the town center, on Kidričeva ulica, near main Titov trg. For sea bathing there are two town beaches in Koper, one by the marina and the other at Žusterna near Bonifika seaside promenade.

Koper restaurants
For a great meal or fine dessert, the locals recommend Capra, Norbedo al Mulino, Skipper Marina, or slow food Rodica in the town centre, near Pretorska palača. If you are looking for a quick meal, you can choose from one of many pizzerias.

In Koper, you can treat yourself with some fine wine tasting in the wine cellar Vina Koper. If you are looking for a wide selection of wines in a bar, try restaurant Venziana.

Shopping in Koper
There are three big shopping centers, one is Mercator center Koper at Dolinska cesta 1 a, the other is Supernova at Ankaranska ulica 3a and the third is Planet Tuš at Ankaranska cesta 2.

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